Tuesday, May 13, 2008

045. The battle with bag addiction continues.

I'm always on the fence with Diesel. Visiting the store on Union Square never ceases to confuse me. The bodyguards loom forbiddingly at the front door, giving any non-leather-clad-hipster the evil eye. The place is never packed but instead rather bald, with a paltry number of browsers cruising the racks of merchandise. I never know whether the atmosphere is elitist or street, because all manner of people can be seen wearing Diesel, from poor to rich. In short, I never know what image I give off when I myself wear Diesel...is it a covetable status symbol or representative of something undesirable?

Diesel does have the habit of producing unattractive crap for unreasonably high prices. I primarily like their accessories, although the European Diesels do offer something palatable in the way of clothing. Anyway, I was trolling online for bags (as is my wont) and what did I find but this:


Does this honestly remind anyone of Diesel? The little oval insignia makes it look almost Versace-ish. The clincher? This bag is only $144. I mean, when was the last time you saw an attractive bag for under $200, sans discounts? All you can get for that price are Coach and Dooney & Burke, dreaded and detested scourges of the fashion world. Hiss! Flee!

I then discovered this equally tempting piece of utilitarian delight.


Retailing for - shock - a mere $116! Who would have thought? The last bag I liked that was made by Diesel cost upwards of $600 and resembled an upside-down leather parachute. It was quite genius, although unwieldy. But this--could be useful! For my trip...for carrying--useful things...

Should I try to talk myself out of this one, or just succumb to the beauty of the splurge? I want that purple bag...

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