Tuesday, May 6, 2008

043. The Unbearable Lightness of Pearls.

Stock image (Audrey Hepburn)

I am not the type of person who wears heavy bangles, dangling necklaces, or earrings that drag your earlobe down. I feel weighed down by solid metal jewelry, and rings and necklaces often bother my skin. I prefer simplicity over complexity, and lightness over heaviness.

I've been thinking lately that perhaps what my ensembles have been missing is jewelry. It doesn't need to be complicated or excessive. Often when an outfit doesn't look right it's because it's missing that key element—that one thing that pulls it all together. You need diamond earrings to glitz up the LBD, heavy amulet-like crosses to make an all-black outfit goth, an enormous wooden cuff bracelet to enhance the boho vibe of your peasant blouse. You need pearls to turn any outfit, wild or conservative, into an instant classic.

Cultured pearl necklace

As legend would have it, pearls begin their life as an irritating grit of sand, which the oyster encases in layers upon layers of a glossy substance. This technically isn't true - the impetus for a pearl's conception is typically organic matter - but I am still reminded of the tendency of people to conceal perceived flaws by placing a veneer of beauty over them. I am thinking not only of excellent dental work but of artists who have constructed masterpieces inspired by some hidden pain. The ugliest things can be transformed into objects of beauty. I am also thinking that attractive but twisted female villains would do well to wear pearls as a symbol of their true nature. Or if you prefer to be less metaphoric, pearls are a straightforward symbol for elegance.

All of this thinking has caused me to conduct some research. The site Pearl Necklace Jewelry (catchy, I know) offers what seems to be the best price available on the Web. The pearls are apparently sold at wholesale price and the clasps and/or studs are 14K gold (good for me, since my ears are very sensitive). Purchases can be made with PayPal and security is managed by VeriSign. Shipping is free worldwide (sweet) and they do provide a guarantee that the pearls are genuine.

This reminds me, I need to do just as thorough a check-up on all the sites I buy from...

Here are a few pearls (ha) from this website:

Black pearl necklace

Akoya pearl necklace

Freshwater pearl necklace

Pink pearl necklace

I think what appeals to me about pearls is the type of color: smoky hues, dusky rose, warm charcoal. Everything is muted and subtle and soft. And pearls have a contoured, organic shape, no jagged edges or lines.

In conclusion, you can't go wrong with pearl jewelry - it's never gaudy or untasteful.

I must do more posts about jewelry! The last one I did was for that combination jewel-pearl ring from ShopAdele.com, and that was back in the fall.

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