Saturday, September 13, 2008

049. Fall shopping: Wants, needs, and cheap thrills.

I try to reinvent myself frequently. This is because I feel as though I don't possess a fulcrum; I am all over the place, I am moody and vacillatory, and when it comes to clothes, I have difficulty sticking to a single theme. I love both conservative and rebellious pieces. On the one hand, I am very much an Anthropologie girl at heart, but I also have my rocker roots, and as much as I wanted to throw out all my angry red tops and my jeans with rhinestone skulls and become a cosy, frilly, quietly whimsical girl this autumn once and for all, I've fallen prey to my own unusual tastes yet again. I can't get rid of any part of me quite yet, so I remain chaotic and conflicting.

If there is a unifying theme to my style, it is the eccentricity. I always need an unusual signature piece to center my outfit around, and while my intent is never to startle observers, it usually has that effect. What I find amusing is that lay people do think I have good taste. The funniest incident to date occurred just the other day, when I waltzed into a pizza joint to meet a friend in my black patent platforms, pinstriped skinny blazer, and wayfarers. (Not that crazy an outfit, but let's not belabor the point.) There happened to be a fan blowing full force as I stepped into the establishment and, still having my sunglasses on, apparently, I looked like a "movie star incognito." I think this is flattery coming from most people. But I think it ultimately depends on which celebrity we're talking about. ;) There are only a small handful I find fashionable.

I generally don't feel as though my outfits cohere entirely; but I'd rather wear what I like even if it's a little mismatched, than stick to safe solids and boring cuts. I suppose that's the great debate: keep it safe, or risk a catastrophe? It really just depends on the person; and their decision marks them out for who they are.

Sparrow cardigan, Balenciaga top, Ray-Ban wayfarers

But enough about me. Onto clothes: here are the signature pieces I'm coveting this autumn!

Rachel Comey poe handpainted wedge clog, $375

I have been so obsessed with checker prints on accessories. I own a Cynthia Rowley tote with checker print, but I still can't get enough of it. The Dolce & Gabbana bags from last spring rekindled my interest, and I keep seeing it in odd places. Must have shoes!

Morphine Generation Toile Legging in Purple, $79

I lost interest in leggings pretty quickly. In fact, right now I only own two pairs! How better to bolster my legging collection than with such an unusual set of leggings? And the elastic band looks forgiving. I rarely wear my plain black leggings because they habitually endow me with a muffin top. They fit fine everywhere but the waist, because the band is too narrow and too tight. In contrast, these seem more promising.

Diesel Bubble Wrap Head Bag in Grey, $110

I have been needing a new tote. This one looks tempting. It says the material is nylon, which I take to mean that even though it's a light color, stains could be scrubbed out. And unlike most Diesel bags, the logo is concealed! Hooray, a non-tacky, reasonably priced tote. (But we shall see; I might go for an Orla Kiely if I have the funds. Only time will tell.)

Carolina Amato Unlined Leather Snappy Driver in Green, $41

Okay, I think we all secretly covet the Chanel fingerless gloves. I've basically resigned myself to the fact that until I get a real job, I am not going to be shelling out $700 for two cosmetic scraps of leather. I can't believe these are under $50! I'm afraid if I wait any longer, they're going to be gone (and I'll be bawling my eyes out).

Guinevere Windy Day Cardigan, $128

I'm surprised this is the only Anthropologie piece that made it to the list. Fear not, this will soon be rectified. It IS the most significant piece, the one I've been eyeing for over a month. Since I need a new jacket for fall, I'm planning to make this The One. I love autumn leaves, and the asymmetry of the front is also intriguing...

Botkier Jeanne Pump in Dark Grey & Yellow Suede, $375

I won't be buying these, I'll tell you that - firstly because I'd rather spend $400 on clothes, and secondly because, as I've complained before, suede is bad for shoes. But those colors are heavenly together. Hello, gorgeous.

Anzevino & Florence Triangle Pants in Dark Grey, $158

I like that these pants create a geometric flare.

A Peace Treaty Qatna Scarf, $121

There's nothing else to say about this scarf except: the colors, the colors!

So yes, that's all for now--but I'll be trawling around. Expect more finds later!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

048. The whimsically preppy

What's not to love about Obedient Sons & Daughters? I sure can't think of a single thing.

(I own ancient bedsheets that have this exact print. I'm tempted to make a ruffled blouse out of them now...)