Friday, August 15, 2008

047. Evaluating the eccentric (revisited).

Every once in awhile, I have this recurring conversation with myself. It goes like this:

"That has got to be the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.

"...But...I love it.

"Yeah, it's definitely kind of weird--but--"


I will admit that a significant number of clothing and accessories I own have sprung from the resolution of this particular dialogue. And no, I'm not going to be ashamed about it, because I am most passionate about clothing that is practically offensive in its bombasticness. I'm not talking about a god-awful Gucci monogrammed pair of pants; no, that's just shockingly repulsive (unless you are able to work wonders with the rest of the outfit). When things are shockingly bizarre, at first sight, I am fascinated with them. As I begin to unravel what makes them so unusual, I realize it is the tiny elements which are beautiful and the combination which is odd. And by this time, I've decided whether you like the item, or if it's been badly done.

I'm currently trying to decide whether I like these Marc Jacobs flats.

Okay, so there are probably two potential reactions that people would have for these shoes: 1) Omigod, do we really need more Sesame Street in fashion? Down with the clown shoes! 2) What a beautiful color palette for shoes! I like how playful these look. They would definitely be a signature piece for one of my outfits.

I happen to situate myself closer to the latter camp, but I have a few complaints:

1) Suede sucks. In my experience, suede is even worse than wearing white, because at least you can get something white washed, bleached, or dry cleaned, but suede has this annoying habit of not only attracting dirt, but adhering to it. And let's not de-emphasize the fact that suede also seems to carry static electricity; it picks up everything. And then of course you must remember that suede has that annoying two-tone quality where you have to, like, rub it all in the same direction or it's going to look spotty. Don't get me wrong, I love suede and I wish I could wear it all the time! But it isn't durable. I mean, it is, but it doesn't look good for too long.

2) Marc Jacobs shoes are rarely comfortable. I've tried on so many pairs and, well, this is what I know. My feet have been in bad shape since the beginning of the summer, and for this I will not blame a shoe company, but could a little padding a la Seychelles really hurt? I don't understand why shoemakers don't consider comfort. I hate having to earn my way into a pair of shoes via trial by fire.

3) Is the pom-pom really all that endearing? Hey, I am totally up for pom-poms. I had this teacher in elementary school who endeared me to pom-poms by passing them out in class as a reward for good behavior. She invented this myth about these special pom-poms where they each had a personality and were afraid of the light, so you had to cup them in your hands. So I have a soft spot in my heart for the secret lives of pom-poms. But at a closer look, these particular pom-poms just aren't that great. They're kind of shabby-looking. By which I mean cheap. I am absolutely certain that you could find these pom-poms for five cents at a crafts store. In which case, I might as well just buy a suede shoe from J.Crew for half the price, and superglue the accessory on it. This would cost FAR less, plus the shoe might even be of better quality. Yes, I suppose I'm just a pom-pom elitist at heart.

So, even though my observations here are unavoidably negative, I don't mind this shoe...I'd just rather see it on someone else's foot than mine. Let bygones be bygones, Marc. Since your derivative collection is evolving very well, I'll simply expect better from you next season.

Oh, and I promise to update more. I'm not sure how well I'll live up to this promise, however, because law school starts on Monday...