Thursday, May 8, 2008

044. Deja vu.

Let me tell you a little story.

Lorick New York

I work at a law firm, and one day my boss waltzed into work looking even more stylish than usual. I stared at the adorable print on her blouse, and thought, "I've seen that before. I LOVE it. Where have I seen that before?"

Time passed.

I watch Gossip Girl fanatically (for the clothes and the Chuck), and one evening I was watching reruns of the Thanksgiving Day episode. I stared at the adorable print on Blair's dress, and thought, "I've seen that before. I LOVE it. Wait...OH MY GOD THEY ACTUALLY SELL THAT DESIGNER LINE IN THE TRISTATE AREA???"

However, I wasn't about to ask my boss for style tips (we already have similar versions of the same Botkier bag, and I'd rather it not appear like I'm mimicking her, which I'm sincerely not). I figured I'd find out who the designer of the blouse and dress was eventually.

Lorick New York

Lo and behold, I was browsing the blogosphere today when who should I stumble upon but Abigail Lorick herself, a.k.a. Eleanor Waldorf. I've known for ages that Waldorf's line is not a smattering of random garments snatched from real-world designers but instead derives from a single collection produced by a real designer. I didn't know that this particular dress was part of her line.

I don't own a lot of prints when it comes to clothing; I'm more of a textures and colors girl, but I am definitely inspired to be more creative after viewing Lorick's collection. The benefit of prints is that they breathe new life into old shapes. When it comes to clothing, you can either be innovative with the tailoring and cut, or you can be extremely creative in the design of your fabric. Lorick employs both methods to create garments that seem, to the untrained eye, conservative; yet there is a lot going on in her clothing line that embraces innovation. Anyway, I'm impressed. Lorick New York just screams quality to me.

Lorick New York

Anyway, even if I'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon (I know everyone else blogged about Lorick ages ago), I must pitch my vote of support. I've liked her designs from day one, as she seems to share the same kind of pared-down sophistication that I covet.


Romany said...

Mmm yes. Her designs are quite pretty.
I'd love to be able to wear prints etc. But I can't - I'm a curvy girl, see. Lol, oh well.

Yay for Gossip Girl. What do you think about New York magazine naming GG the 'Best Show Ever'? I love GG, but I don't think I'd go as far as to say it's the 'Best Show Ever'...What are your thoughts?

jealoushe said...

Is Gossip Girl the best show of all time? Ha! Hardly. The plot is more than a bit predictable, barely concealed racism, classism, etc. lurks at every corner, the acting can be a bit wooden; and of course, the scenarios smack of illogic. Chase cheated on his girlfriend with her best friend, then she cheated on him with his best friend--yes, he IS a hypocrite for not forgiving her, because he did the same exact thing!

But! Is Gossip Girl the best styled show ever produced? I would deign to say yes. With this show, you have to overlook a lot; it's primarily the visual effects that steal the show. In a world of hi-def and flatscreen TVs everyone is looking for eye candy, and Gossip Girl, with its gorgeous cast, gorgeous clothes, and gorgeous sets, is a win in this category.

Perhaps the New York Magazine, like myself, has been seduced by Chuck Bass... ;) I don't at all blame them for lavishing the show with praise.