Friday, December 19, 2008

050. There and back again.

After a prolonged leave of absence (blame law school. BLAME IT!), I have returned, because I can't stay away any longer (and I am on break!). I went into an Anthropologie for the first time in over two months. I was crazed, it was an explosion of lights, texture, drama, I have missed clothes so badly, it is almost painful.

For some reason, I have saved a lot of links to jewelry, which is surprising because I wear so little of it. I thought I'd create a post memorializing my fascination with things I actually have very low motivation to buy.

Digby & Iona 14-point Stag Ring, $210

I was thinking what fun it would be to name jewelry like this. I'd title this ring "Stag Party." Ha ha...okay, I'll stop.

In God We Trust ID Bracelet with Lion Charm, $40

This is so reasonably priced, and yet so cute. I've had this on my wishlist for the longest time. It can be worn with so many different outfits.

Stephanie Simek pussy willow earrings, $125

I adore jewelry made out of plants, or fashioned after plants.

Bona Drag is one of my favorite online boutiques these days. They have the most interesting things. I bought a Knox NYC bag from their website, and they did such a wonderful job packaging it--special tissue paper and their own mix CD (for free, of course). I only wish they carried more items; their selection is very small.

Made Her Think double band chain ring, $336

Another Bona Drag item. I love that the rings are chained together.

Daydream Nation gold spill necklace, $139

This is a very creative concept. Finally, someone getting metaphorically sloppy with gold. Kind of a metaphor for the American economy right now...

How ironic that none of these items are currently on sale. I reaped the benefits of some really amazing sales yesterday (J.Crew rainboots? Marked down from $88 to $14). It leads me to wonder, how insane will the sales be in January? After all, the mark-downs have only begun. Anticipation!