Monday, March 10, 2008

033. LV a Go-Go.

I was not a fan of Louis Vuitton last fall. My mouth gaped open at the heinous bags embossed with a comedian's misogynist jokes; the procession of nurses' outfits; and weird veils that matched nothing. I still frown every time I see advertisements for those ridiculous, awful bags (Who approved them? What poor soul would unknowingly wear them?).

The 2008 fall collection rekindled my love for LV. The collection performed a complete 360. It showcased luxury garments in agreeable pastel hues (perhaps as a female submissive response to the collection of yesterseason? Sigh. I am left wishing the memory of SS08 could be erased from my mind. If only).

This coat is reminiscent of old-world elegance. The shape is not modern but is tastefully done for the twenty-first century, and looks delightfully warm. During these times of unpredictable weather, one must be prepared for sudden shifts toward freezing temperatures; in which case, I will be wishing that I owned such a beautiful coat.

I love this one because it is effortlessly chic. The colors in this collection are just great! (Although I cannot for the life of me understand why this is a fall collection. There was a significant amount of black, but whenever I look at the pastel outfits, I am instantly reminded of Easter baskets.)

I was sincerely terrified by this picture and hope that this is the extent of the iceberg that is way-too-high-heeled shoes. I have enough trouble walking in my 5.5" Miu Miu baroque platform wedges. Perhaps these monstrosities are, as in days of old, just for show and only meant for the runway performance.

A lot of people may be dismayed to see what they regard a boring handbag in a drab color. I for one am enjoying this reincarnation of understated elegance. I like this collection, in which wealth is recognized primarily in the fine tailoring and design, where there is no need for logos to be displayed so glaringly. It brings me back to the days when ready-to-wear did not yet exist and Mademoiselle Chanel was yet a milliner... *cough* Not that I was alive then. But those were golden times.

In any event, I vastly prefer this subtle take on the LV logo to the usual thing - that horrid tan and chocolate patchwork mess that is replicated ad infinitum until it has graced street kiosks in cities worldwide.


Modelizer said...

Richard Prince bag dissing is a no no. He's a genius, a modern warhol, and the bags are totally mocking the idiots who are slaves to labels/vuitton. It's bloody brilliant and I would do almost anything to have my favorite one. I think that it's the smartest thing Marc has done in years.

Come on...Pharrell for Vuitton? Fail. He was on point with Prince.

jealoushe said...

I think it depends on how seriously you take the bags. I don't see why the idea is so brilliant. It is furthering the stereotype of certain social and ethnic groups. If the bags were to have "HELLO, I'M AN IDIOT!" emblazoned on them and they were wildly popular, I would think that was hilarious. The bag's theme touches on sensitive subjects that probably shouldn't be addressed in such a flippant way when the product is so influential.

Regardless of intent, it's far more important to pay attention to the real-life repercussion of such a product. The result is that out-of-taste jokes continue to wield an influence on the less-intelligent of the world. And the idiots do have sway, however much you look down upon them.

Fashion's Darling said...

I agree with what modelizer said. Richard Prince for Vuitton is simply genius. I disagree though with the Pharrell comment. It's good to see Marc collaborating with different people.

For Sure Couture said...

Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...I actually have some cool stuff coming up including interviews with Shannan Click, Ali Michael, and Sara Ziff/Catriona Balfe (older models).

Thank you again, and I like your blog too!