Monday, March 3, 2008

030. Target's Go Collection a Go?

I'm not big on retail-giant attempts to bring designer clothing to the masses. For one, it's difficult to translate the unusual garments that designers like Isaac Mizrahi are famous for into something that people who shop at Target would want to wear. And for another, when the clothes cost so little, it's difficult (in fact, impossible) to replicate the fine workmanship that most good RTW - or couture, for that matter - possesses. And lastly, you can't mass-produce exclusivity. It defeats the point. But anyway.

I went to Target yesterday to check out the launch of the store's newest Go collection: the Jovovich-Hawk line. I was antsy about the collection, because I had looked at preview samples online and wasn't as excited as I'd hoped to be about the designs. Jovovich-Hawk cultivates a feminine, frilly look that is difficult to translate into cheap fabrics. The dresses I was looking at were cute, but pretty average, the type of thing you'd see at a JC Penney or Macy's.

What partially redeemed the Jovovich-Hawk for Target line for me was the last dress I tried on: a lacy little dress in eggshell with detailing at the neckline, waist, and hem. The reason I liked it so much is because it was a perfect fit: I don't have much of a waist or hips, and the dress defined the shape of my body instead of rebelling against it. It's difficult to find a dress that suits me well, so that made me happy.

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Chiffon Dress, $39.99

What I found annoying was the price. Although a cute dress, I don't honestly think it is worth $40. The material is not that fantastic a quality, and the design is not incredibly unique. It just happened to fit me particularly well. I'm sure I could find a similar dress for $25 for Forever 21. You're just paying for the Jovovich-Hawk label, on a Target tag no less.

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Square-Neck Floral Dress, $39.99

From this picture, the dress above doesn't look particularly fantastic, but in person, the colors attract the eye. The muted palette is pleasantly intriguing. I was torn between getting this dress and the off-white one, but I finally decided on the latter because this flowery one is absolutely shapeless. If you're thin as a pole with no boobs, go for it - you'll look fantastic.

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Linen Shorts, $26.99

The last item worthy of mention is this cute little pair of shorts. Somebody recently ridiculed the pleated ruffles, but I tried the shorts on and found the detailing adorably whimsical. The buttons are not really to my taste, but they're easily replaceable.

I also tried on some of the blouses the collection offers, but they have a pleat in the back that puffs it out and makes it appear as if you're a hunchback. Is it just me? Or do other people also have this problem? I suspect it's an error in design.

So, is it worth it to check out the Go collections by Target? Yes, if you're looking for a cheap designer fix. But don't expect anything stupendous--why would you? So if you don't mind that the clothes produced by fashion giants like H&M and Forever 21 are blatant, unsanctioned replicas of true designer RTW, I'd go there first, as they cost even less than the officially sponsored stuff.

Check out the real Jovovich-Hawk spring line on their official website. It's definitely worthy of notice.

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Greetings : )
You shop on the web or in-store? which usually would you prefer? really wondering lol.. i prefer in-store because i don't really like waiting it to come!