Friday, April 4, 2008

039. Cravings.

I do have a weakness for Forever 21. I spend plenty of time berating retail chains like H&M for mass-producing poor quality clothes, but every once in a while, I need my fix--of cheap clothes. It's nice not to always have to pay $120 or more for a shirt. Even if the stitching is always unraveling and you know the reason they give you extra buttons is because the ones on the garment fall off if you so much as breathe on them (case in point: I destroyed my high-waisted shorts today by pulling them on too quickly--a button popped off and is impossible to reattach!). And they're pretty cute sometimes. As long as I don't recognize which designer they've ripped off, my conscience doesn't suffer too much.

I never have enough hot-weather clothing. But I'm going to Europe for a few weeks this summer, so I need a few new things that I can throw by the wayside if I run out of baggage space because I've bought other, better clothes in Paris.

Here are a few tops that are actually quite cute and could be paired with a pair of designer shorts or skirt:

Brianna Woven Top, $24.80

Crinkled Metallic Wrap, $22.80

Candy Stripe Babydoll, $24.90

My best advice when shopping stores like H&M and Forever 21 is to avoid faux-expensive material that looks satiny, as it will inevitably come off as trashy; shun the viscose-spandex hybrids, as they pill and age within mere hours; cotton is your best bet. I always replace the cheap-looking buttons on shirts with quality, vintage buttons from Etsy. You can also make any other minor alterations yourself, given you know how to operate a needle and thread in the most basic ways. You might argue it's futile to embellish what will eventually fall apart no matter what, but my belief is, if you're going to wear it, for however short a time, you might as well maximize its potential.


KiKi said...

I love all of the shirts especially the first one

Are You up for a link exchange

On Track said...

Thanks for the advice! I am in love with forever 21, I looked at their clothing after reading your post, I may have to join you in forever 21 rehab hehe ;)

jealoushe said...

Hello, KiKi! Would you mind clarifying what you mean by a link exchange? :)

To On Track: Glad you can join me in my love for Forever 21. It's a cheap thrill but sometimes those are the best type!

Romany said...

Cute tops. Especially the crinkled metallic wrap one from Forever 21.

Ahh you're posts are always so true - I try to steer clear of cheap mass-produced clothing stores, also, but sometimes it is nice not having to pay upwards of $100 for certain items. Then again, one can't be frugal with everything, there are certain items which just need to be good quality. But moderation is key, as with everything in this world. Lol.