Tuesday, April 8, 2008

041. Revisiting un objet d'art.

I snapped this of the BFF when we were trying on clothes at CUSP.

It's a good thing neither of us actually wanted to front the cash for this dress because we might have had to fight to the death for it.

Oh, Marc by Marc Jacobs SS08.


On Track said...

That is SUCH an adorable dress, i will probably only ever see it over the net and in my dreams ;)

K.Line said...

Oh I know. I saw this dress and wondered what I'd have to sell to buy it! (Alas, it is not in my closet...)

jealoushe said...

Haha. I currently AM trying to sell the contents of my closet to purchase this and several other things. It would be a more pressing issue if I actually had a place to wear this dress. :\ I wish I attended more cocktail parties.

Romany said...

Oh it's the dress! You found it. Did you try it on? Or only your friend...?
It looks good! But I bet it was too expensive, right?
Oh well... :(
Some day, right?

MEeee said...

haha... i just saw the post. love it! tho the boots are too matchy...

didn't post the picture of you in that dress?

jealoushe said...

No, I didn't think to take a picture of me :( So you get to be the superstar--but only by default!