Saturday, January 26, 2008

024. And you thought puffy shirts died along with Seinfeld.

I can't help but have a weakness for ABC's new show Cashmere Mafia. Four attractive women living high-powered lives in the Big Apple? Cheating (but droolworthy) husbands? Donald Trump lookalikes? Vacations in the Hamptons? Big paychecks? I hope this is my life in fifteen years. There's no lawyer femme, so my default favorite is Lucy Liu's character, Mia, who has one hell of a fashion stylist. When I saw the poofy sleeves of Episode Two, I was thrilled, awed, and envious. One can never have enough billowy silk tops for the workplace.

It was when I was cruising my recently added Favorites that I stumbled onto this similarly puffy dreamboat of a shirt. Designed by Jens Laugesen, this little number is the dark foil to Lucy Liu's alabaster tunic.

Jens Laugesen

I don't think the puffy shirt is going to become a major trend anytime soon, but it's a niche style that I'm totally digging right now.


Romany said...

Oh Cashmere Mafia hasn't come on TV yet here in Australia, but I'm guessing I'll love it too!
Don't worry, all us fashionistas will be living the high-life soon ;)

I'm low on time right now, but just rolling over your blog I'm really liking the fact that you right whatever you want and use great pictures to accentuate that!
As soon as I get the chance - I'll be back. :)

KreativeMix said...

i kinda like the puffy shirts :-)