Tuesday, January 15, 2008

023. Something's blooming in Manhattan...


In light of the new year, I've decided to start cleaning out my Favorites. This has yielded a real treasure trove of forgotten links. One of these newly rediscovered diamonds in the rough is Elizabeth Charles, a Manhattan boutique featuring designers from the owner's own birthplace, Australia (as well as nearby New Zealand). The boutique's website also provides the opportunity to purchase online. Although I've never been to the store, the images and description on the website have managed to seduce me. The About page describes Elizabeth Charles as "nested in the ground floor of an old brownstone" and "furnished with European antiques and modern mid-century pieces, from the ornate gold framed mirrors to the bird cage shaped chandelier." Essentially, the boutique possesses an Anthropologie-like vibe, but with a slightly higher price tag and bigger brand names.

Here are a few of the clothes available online.

Alice McCall long coat

I love the schoolgirl feel of this dress. It's simple but also a statement piece that can easily be paired with lots of layers in the winter, or worn independently in the spring and summer months.

Camilla & Marc stephanie frock

This hoodie looks perfect for cuddling up in front of a roaring fireplace with a Jane Austen novel.

Federation crushed wool raglan hood

I love this color palette: the muted pink with the gray.

Juliette Hogan serious skirt

So when you get a chance, check out Elizabeth-Charles.com - and, of course, the accompanying blog!


miller said...

I wanna see you in that last outfit. Now.

-Eric, history/seminar bud.

jealoushe said...

All in good time--I'm just waiting for a good sale. Then I'll strike. *plots*

Or was that a carefully disguised "come back to school and rescue me from the Uggs running rampant throughout the campus" plea? Never fear, I am planning a trip as I type!

miller said...

Haven't seen too many Uggs, though I'm trapped in the library by day and at Deer Park by night, so who knows what I could be missing! Although it's funny you mention Uggs: last night I was told by my friend who was mocking my roommate for wearing a pair that if man Uggs were cool I would wear them. Apparently he meant that I have good taste in clothing, therefore, if they were acceptable I would wear them. Needless to say, his attempt at a compliment failed.

Anonymous said...

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