Wednesday, December 26, 2007

022. Hark, the clearance sales are beginning--

Fall down and weep with joy, my fellow fashionistas - for the winter sales have begun. For all my complaints about recent fashion, even I can't turn down a good sale.

So here are a few low-key fashion picks to check out. Lesser-known designer names whose quality rivals the big name brands who have been sadly lacking in taste as of late.

First up is Tsumori Chisato, whose dresses are oddly reminiscent of ancient tapestries. Yet the frocks are a casual take on modern street style.

Next is Iosselliani's Pearl Stacking rings. While this isn't on sale, I just had to include it. What an exquisite panoply of gemstones! $351 at Adele.

And the perfect little party dress, straight from Nanette Lepore at Shoptwigs, casts a modest but flirty shadow at any bash.

More to come soon, I hope!


Anonymous said...

They reduced the dress even more! But it's still over $300 bucks. Damn you, bad economy, damn you!

Nice to see you including it, though. :)

jealoushe said...

Damn you economy, indeed. Well, at least the post can serve as a bookmark - to keep checking up on to see if the dress has been reduced even more!

I happened to get lucky in my boot-searching expedition yesterday, but right now the economy smacks of desperation. Why must it cost $500 just for a pair of decent boots? Sales are my only ally in such evil times.