Tuesday, January 27, 2009

052. The Unbearable Softness of Cashmere.


I am so glad to have stumbled upon NotCouture.com. I don't have a lot of time available anymore to browse the web, and this nifty site does the work of locating interesting designers, websites, and sales, for me, without flooding me with an excess of posts. About three to four new links are posted a day, which is perfect for me.

The best site they've linked me to thus far is that of Julia Lintern, who is a structural aerospace engineer turned designer. Her latest tour de force of designer genius is her Lia Lintern collection. Not only does she express her precision-based work ethic through a collection of truly splendid cashmere coats, she manifests her economic brilliance by marketing said coats at an affordable price point. It's hella hard to find affordable cashmere, let alone a full-blown cashmere coat. J.Crew - a mass retailer - sometimes charges $200 a cashmere cardigan. And yet some of these coats cost as little as $600.

Adding to the coats' appeal is the website's shocking offer to CUSTOM MAKE a coat for you, AT NO EXTRA COST. As the website explains, "Lia Lintern designs coats that [are] made to fit and flatter the female figure. So, that's why S, M, and L just don't cut it. . . . All you have to do is fill out the order form and provide us with 3 important measurements: your Bust Measurement, your Waist Measurement, and your Hip Measurement."

Finally. Couture (well, approximately) for under $1,000. Have we traveled back in time?


This coat is the epitome of elegance!



Anonymous said...

Those coats are gorgeous! If I hadn't just gotten my glorious Rag and Bone top coat, well...! I do love my new coat, though. :)

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

Very much enjoying your blog. Lovely posts, very lovely.

look forward to more
peace and love