Wednesday, February 20, 2008

028. TWENTY8TWELVE by s.miller: Worth the wait?

Word has been out everywhere about Sienna and Savannah Miller's new clothing line, TWENTY8TWELVE. I myself am not a huge fan of Sienna and consider her style to be rather blah, but hey, I'm a curious person so I decided to check out their spring collection online.

The style is true to the sisters' fashion sense, and I can't blame them for that - why would you want to create a line that didn't cater to your personal aesthetic - but unfortunately, that means overpriced drab plain garments with seemingly nice tailoring but little else.

Siegfried Jacket in Ebonised, $594

This thing is the demented lovechild of a dowdy housecoat and a raincoat. The three-quarter length sleeves do not work, and the fabric is abnormally thin. It might have some promise if it were offered in a rich purple or emerald, but the black dulls out the look and makes it look trashy.

Blair Tee in Emulsion 50's, $99

Okay, am I the only one who thinks this looks like a blatant reference to sadomasochism? Located on a bleeding heart, the S and M are strategically placed on each side of a graphic that could be an ampersand! who knows! Only upon close inspection do you discover that it is a pelvis. Is this some sort of jab about the dead seriousness of the label or do the sisters just think it'd be cool if they catered to the McQueen skull-and-crossbones fan base?

Calandra Jacket in Ebonised, $418

This jacket is the best of what I've seen so far. It's crisp and polished and quite chic. Again, it's the sort of thing Sienna has been seen wearing millions of times. I'm not trying to harp on her style (much), but if you're going to create your own line, might you at least create something you can't buy from OTHER designers?

I just can't decide if I like the line. The basic pieces and ruffled blouses are useful and fashionable, but I'm just not sure if they're worth the price. For basic, deconstructed pieces, TWENTY8TWELVE is your brand, but I'm too apathetic about the collection to generate any real excitement about the clothes.

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