Sunday, February 17, 2008

027. For aspiring designers (and other interested parties).

I try to include a graphic in every post, but this one has little to do with visuals--it's all about what you create.

Bag Snob recently linked me to Fashion Indie's Ten Best Websites for Fashion Designers. While I'm not a designer and this doesn't technically benefit me, the links they recommend are worth checking look at because they remind you of the intense amount of work that goes into showing a collection and/or producing a line to be sold. I mean, yeah, it's obvious that it takes a TON of work (and luck) to strike it big, but it's so hard to fully grasp the implications of entrepreneurship. No wonder designers are desperate to win Project Runway. It really is a free ride past all many of the troubles one would otherwise have to struggle through.

Unless, of course you're Tory Burch, an heiress who has practically infinite funding to launch her own (and might I add, successful?) line.

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