Thursday, September 11, 2008

048. The whimsically preppy

What's not to love about Obedient Sons & Daughters? I sure can't think of a single thing.

(I own ancient bedsheets that have this exact print. I'm tempted to make a ruffled blouse out of them now...)


WendyB said...

Makes me think of Scarlett O'Hara tearing down the drapes to make a dress.

Romany said...

Oh wow, it's so weird to see a guy wearing prints like this. I know he's only wearing it because he's a model, but still -- it's messing with my mind. Lol. ;)

jealoushe said...

To Wendy: oh, yes! The part where they hastily fabricated a dress was my favorite scene. :)

To Romany: we must be birds of different feathers--I'd love to see a guy in this outfit! Maybe not the shorts, but I think he looks darling. He gets away with it because he's young and pretty. I know there's no straight guy in the world who would buy (and wear) this jacket, but I can still wish. ;) When I look at this, I envision English countryside, Cambridge, the late nineteenth century, a romantic young poet...