Thursday, November 15, 2007

016. Balenciaga, je t'aime...

I swore my obsession with Balenciaga bags was over. Truth be told, I have gotten tired of the iconic "mini motorcycle" fad. I still love them, but I'm no longer as passionate as I used to be about them, perhaps because the ghastly image of countless fakes has been burned into my retinas. So I thought I'd moved on to newer, equally innovative handbags from other fashion houses.

But then Balenciaga came out with this unforgettable bag.

Balenciaga Moon Bag
Price: approximately $2600 USD (minus VAT - yeah, big whoop)
Description: Glossy chestnut brown leather handbag, with black handles. Envelope style front pocket with black trim. Black leather band around top of bag, shiny gold clasp and hardware. Fully lined with interior zip pocket. Fabric, 100% leather.



When I say some bags are a work of art, I genuinely mean it. True, I like being noticed when I walk around in outfits that normal people wouldn't wear. So yes, in part, I enjoy dressing up for the theatrical effect. But on the other hand, I also wear certain things to pay homage to them. It is as if I am the mere vessel for a traveling art collection. Some of it stays home, though. My Miu Miu baroque platform wedges, for example. I want to frame them - put them in a shadow box, perhaps.

There's something indescribably beautiful about this bag, something infinitely graceful yet sturdy to its shape. I adore the oversized fastener on the front and the black leather trim on the front pocket. I ask you, could a more perfect bag ever be made? No - although there may yet be bags that are equally flawless.

I'm very hopeful about this bag's status as a rare treasure. I don't think it has enough mainstream appeal to have fakes made of it. But only time will tell what shows up on eBay.

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jdbsusanna said...

It's definitely beautiful -- although I think I like the green version more. I wonder how heavy it is, though. It looks big, and it's got a fair amount of hardware.