Sunday, September 2, 2007

008. The Preciousss, we wants it...

Looking to get your hands on the One Ring? Sick of battling orcs and Uruk-Hai for that little piece of gold? Want a safer alternative that won't drain your energy as soon as you start approaching a mountain?

Turns out Sauron wasn't quite as original as he thought. Matches offers Nicolas Ghesquière's version for £775.

In my opinion, Net-A-Porter hasn't got anything over this UK-based store. They've got a zoom function, a little "Recently Viewed" area, an amazing lookbook -- you name it. Even though overseas shipping is presumably heinous, if you're going to be paying £775 for a few measly hoops of metal, hey, no biggie. Go for it!

And seriously, you saw something on the catwalk you liked? It's here. Talk about temptation. I'm writhing right about now.

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